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Top 5 tips how to lose weight



By ONE Liners Agency
July 15, 2012

First of all you need to decide before doing anything how much weight you want to lose. The best way to do this is by calculating the desired weight against your height. There are several methods how to do this and one such reliable one is the BMI. Based on it you can set a healthy weight loss target.

Time management is very necessary in weight loss and people usually overlook to it. Organize everything like at what time of the day you have to do exercises, when to do cooking, when in the week you need to stock up your groceries, and more similar habits. If your days are planned then you will not rush for anything. This will help you in sustaining the weight loss efforts.

Always keep good stock of fruits, green vegetables, healthy meats, cereals, spices, grains, and flavourers. Healthy cooking is one of the most important weight loss tips.

Always try to eat healthy homecooked meals. Whether your family member is cooking or any house help just ensure healthy cooking method is practiced.

Make a change in your snacking habits. Set your French fries aside. Skip deep fried samosas. ban aerated drinks. Get back to healthy snack world and there you will come across several appetisers that will surely satisfy your carving for snacks.



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