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Did Oprah Winfrey Change America

US President In Oprah Winfrey Show
From EDITOR's Desk

Alternating between tears and laughter, 57 year-old American television host, Oprah Winfrey, who has revolutionized a simple talk show into a motivating cauldron, bid adieu to her show conveyed her fans to find the purpose of life and walk on the path. She, with her grand personality, diversified business models and among the greatest motivators in modern time, able to instill positivity and self-improvement in American life from all angles, is a fine example of crest and trough of life.

"There are no words to match this moment," uttered Oprah.

"Every word I've ever spoken from the stage of the Oprah show -- 4,561 days of my life -- is what this moment is all about."

25 years long career as a talk show host actually turned the show into a media empire and became an entertainment icon in the process. If we reduce the talk show just into entertainment, we might underestimate the larger aspect of the Winfrey's life. She didn't just shift the talk shows paradigm, but also tore apart the divisions of traditional journalism. She is a keen philanthropist who prepared a mass audience to recognize the oneness among different colors, disabilities or sexual orientation.

Born into poverty in rural Mississippi, her childhood didn't seem a namby- pamby 'touch me not' type. A considerable hardship, Oprah first job as a co-anchored in the local evening news at the age of 19. She soon promoted to daytime talk show arena and lifted a third-rated local Chicago show to an elite one. After a successful talk show host, she started her own production company, the first stepping stone to grab the global eyeballs.

She forced people to think through her long intricate discussions with various celebrities from different walk of life. Many television critics admitted her influence over the culture of America. America is now flourishing with a new idea of publishing stories, memoir to social media to journalist - the impact is overwhelming.

It's not a new phenomenon in American culture, which has been influenced by talk-shows and other public activities. For example, the United States had seen some great talk shows of Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas, discussing politics, music, movies and various aspects of American culture. Oprah came into the arena at late 80s of neo-liberalization period and established as a cultural icon. Her greatest achievement was to pierce into the core of hearts and made them feel, made them cry, made them sing. She acted not like a show anchor but emphatically delved into the deepest corridors of people's hearts.

Oprah touched the strings of people's heart in a very poignant episode in November 1987, where along with victims of sexual abuse, she blurted out with a confession that she herself was raped at age of 9. Her voluntary confession with humane reaction in the middle of show made the Americans cry to the crescendo and catapulted her to the throne of all time greatest anchors of the world.

She abhorred the idea of sensationalism on talk shows and separated herself from what she called "trash pack", instead made her talk show more humane, therapeutic and inspiring themes. She actually delved deep into American idea of self-transformation and power of mind. Her message instantly created ripples on the large American society because she finely impregnated economics, politics, spiritual and social issues into a same cultural platform.

She had a sharp business acumen as well. She spread her way of thinking, style and message through a dizzying number of platforms - magazine, her book club, her network OWN, talk shows and interviews.

Oprah Winfrey was actively involved in philanthropy project, and established the Oprah's Angel Network in 1998, supporting charitable projects and helping nonprofit organizations around the world. She raised a whooping $80,000,000 from different sects of US society, personally managed all accounts to make sure all money went to charity projects only. Later in 2010, the project dissolved for various reasons. She personally donates money from her own personal account and till date she is the highest donor than any other performer in America.

Perhaps the greatest influence she imparted on Americans is of spiritual values and humanity. She has taught people to accept others who are not like them. She made shows like "Modern Family" and "Glee," presenting gay couples, kids in wheelchairs and other unlikely way of living.


Jiggy said...

She aint God, so please!!!! YEs, she did great so..... who is the greatest? GOD why don't the media give GOD recognition too!!!!!

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