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Top 3 best tech tips websites



By ONE Liners Agency
July 15, 2012

Keeping up the latest in technology on your finger tips is the buzzword for today's lifestyle among youths and tech crazy people. Below is the list of top 3 sites from where best tech tips prevailing on the Web can be collected:


Lifehacker does not limit to just technology. The website educate everything from how to handle hot leftovers to how to cool coffee, but most of the tips there are related to technology products. Everything is easy here. How to sync bookmarks from PC to smartphone is easy too with Lifehacker.


CNET is one of the best sites for technology news. It is perfect for tech-savvy and tech-obsessed people for getting latest on reviews, downloads, news and how-tos. Managing Facebook profile was never so easy after reading one of its articles in recent past.

PC Mag

Similar to CNET, the PC Mag website too is a trusted site to collect best tech tips. The computer magazine first started in 1982 as a print edition and with the advent of Internet it invaded the Web world too with rocking success in offering reliable content.



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