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After Kindle Fire tablet is Amazon to launch its own smartphone?



By ONE Liners Agency
July 12, 2012

It has been lately rumored all over the Web Amazon wants to once again see the outstanding success of its Kindle Fire tablet. The new rumor initially originated from Bloomberg saying the online retail giant is working with Foxconn to brings its own brand smartphone in the global market.

Today, Wall Street Journal too reported that sources familiar with the situation said Amazon is testing 4-5 inches smartphone. The journal added Amazon is working with Asian suppliers for the new smartphones and the company is also looking for acquiring patents for the product in order to protect it against allegations of infringement.

If Amazon lands into its own brand smartphone, there will be new benchmark in the industry of offering the best device at a very competitive price as it happened with 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet that was priced just $199.

It is also learned Amazon may launch Kindle Fire HD this year end and the price of original Kindle Fire has been reduced to $149.



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