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Israel-Gaza violence escalates, 2 killed

By ONE Liners Agency,
June 24, 2012

Strikes resumed Saturday on the Gaza border from both sides killing at least two, said Gaza officials blaming Israel. One among the death is a 6-year-old boy. On the other hand the Israelis said one man on its side in the border town of Sderot was moderately injured.

Israel Defense Forces' chief called up senior military officials an urgent meeting signaling seriousness of the resumed strikes after the cease-fire pledge.

According to a military spokeswoman, the meeting has been called to determine the next course of action. She also said that about twenty rockets were fired from the other side of the border into southern Israel today morning that counted a total of 150 rockets this week.

A Palestinian militant was killed in the northern Gaza Strip today afternoon after an Israeli drone fired a missile.

Officials said there were three overnight strikes from the Gaza side, which were two in the northern side and one in the south.

More than one million people live in rockets range in the southern Israel and the military has advised them to get into the bomb shelter to the earliest.


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