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Facebook to acquire WhatsApp mobile chat app

By JOHN Peterson
December 04' 2012

It is speculated that social giant Facebook is to take over WhatsApp, a well known cross-platform mobile chat programme. The original source of this news comes from TechCrunch.

However, the site has no information about the acquisition price range and at what level the talks have been reached so far.

The WhatsApp app was launched in 2009 by California-based firm Santa Clara. The app is compatible with Android, Windows Phone, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian platforms. It delivers text messages, as well as photos, video and audio contents.

The ad-free version of the app gets 100 million users every day and is available in 250 countries across the world, claims Santa Clara.

Last year in October the company revealed its chat app serves 1 billion text messages per day, which is around 41,666,667 text messages per hour, 694,444 per minute and 11,574 per second.

In a blog post then the company stated, "it was a small step closer towards our goal: providing a great mobile messaging system for a global market, regardless of your handset."

The WhatsApp Messenger app has also received amount of criticism very recently from security and mobile researchers. It is alleged the authentication process of the app is a bit risky in terms of security. Several bloggers have also called the process as a "security nightmare".

A recent research file says local data base storage encryption could be decoded.

Have you used WhatsApp? Do share your experience with it and whether you felt any security threat.


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