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A Harmless Prank Call Kills A Nurse

By JOHN Peterson
December 08' 2012

A convincing prank call led an Australian nurse to believe that she was addressed by Britain Queen Elizabeth, and her son Prince Charles.

Two Australian radio hosts impersonating the British Royals phoned the nurse on duty looking after the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, was fooled to divulge the medical report.

Later, the call was broadcast all over Australia radio, and then migrated to the entire world.

One may find this prank very interesting and even praise those two impersonators as intelligent investigators, but before you do that, be informed the nurse who divulged the information is no more.

A horrific turn of event took place on Friday. Jancintha Saldanha, the nurse who unwittingly, divulged confidential medical report, terminated her life. She was 46 years of age. No details were revealed by the Metropolitan Police.

This type of occurrences has appeared before but not as this horrific. Taking one's life.

It is to remember that in the past the media always was intrigued with the life of the British Royals.

In 2007, a reporter of News of the World was jailed for hacking into the voice mail of members of Royal household. Prior to this incident, The Daily Mirror published a series of pictures of the interior of Buckingham Palace.

In 1995, a Canadian DJ impersonated the country's prime minister, and entered the Buckingham Palace and conversed with the Queen for 15 minutes without any suspicion.

All said and done, it is tragic to note that responsible media can sometimes act juvenile. The Australian and rest of the people of the world should condemn this horrific act.


Anonymous said...

Harmless prank? What, essentially is a prank? It is the duping of a person. Basically it is lying and putting the object of the prank in a compromising position and then feeling clever and superior when the dupe is disclosed. It is finding humor at the expense of another person. That is the intent of a prank and it is not an honorable intent. What is the intent of the person on the other end of the prank? it is to accommodate and do their job. Looking at intent a prank really is not all that innocent and when it ends like this one did it should bear consequence.

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