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Euro Cup 2012 a missed opportunity for Indian sports bars and pubs



By ONE Liners Agency
July 02, 2012

Euro Cup 2012 becomes a missed opportunity in terms of business for sports bars and pubs in the Indian city Hyderabad as the closing times of it strictly stick to 11.30 pm and most of the important matches were scheduled after Indian time of midnight.

Several sports bars and pubs owner regret they lost about Rs 50,000 if the Euro Cup 2012 matches were scheduled in the evening instead of post midnight.

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The owners says there are many football fans in the city who would have loved to watch the live telecast of the Euro Cup 2012 matches in the sports bars and pubs over few drinks.

Owners and managers of Xtreme Sports Bar, Game On, 10 Sports Bar and Grill, and many more said they were helpless in capitalizing on the biggest football tournament.




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