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What will happen if Spain beat Italy in today's Euro Cup 2012 final?



By ONE Liners Agency
July 01, 2012

Spain will face Italy today in the UEFA Euro 2012 final at Olympic Stadium in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is the third consecutive battle for Spain to lift the major title, the country which also emerged the winner of FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Let us find out what will happen if Spain beats Italy in today's UEFA Euro 2012 final.

Spain is the only team after Germany who has returned to the Euro final 2012 after winning the World cup in 2010.

If Spain beats Italy in today's match, then they will surely rock the football stadium of Ukraine.

They will be the real champions if they beat Italy today in Euro cup final, third consecutive win.

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It will be a good thing if they win and all the Spanish will be very happy about them.

The Spain players will be in a good touch today.

Spain can also beat Italy today, like in the previous group match stage in this Euro cup as they defeated them by 2-4 in penalties.




Rahul said...

A lot of credit should goes to Mr, Vincete because he changed the game play in the final of EURO 2012 otherwise everyone was talking about their tika-taka play and not attacking much. In yesterday's match everyone scored. All we can say that the best team won eventually.

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