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Will Change Of Guard Bring Real Reform In China

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By STAFF Writer
November 10, 2012

Amid a slowly recovering economy and a fragile state of investments in China, the Communist Party Congress convened today in the Great Hall of People in Beijing with the top brass of the Chinese Communist Party facing deep allegations of corruption.

At the CPC, retiring President Hu Jintao warned the incoming Chinese leaders about the high levels of corruption that have affected the party, saying that if this corruption isn’t stopped it could result in the fall of the party and even the state. But President Hu Jintao also promised of reforms to put the corruption levels under check. The reforms although will not be western style reforms that will make the country more of a democracy, Jintao said.

The Communist Party Congress that began today in the Great Hall of People will usher a once in a decade change of guard in China. The Communist Party will choose its next President and Premier at this Party Congress that will continue for the next week. But despite the high profile gathering and the sensitive nature of the issues raised, they have not got much attention either from the media or the people in general, because as an analyst with the Hon Kong based Open Magazine that specializes in Chinese politics put it, the issues raised or the reforms being talked about in the Communist Party Congress have nothing in them to suggest of any new political breakthrough.

The Chinese political leadership is going to decide the next head of the party as well as the head of the state in this congress, the most likely successor being Xi Jinping.
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