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A Guide To Experience The Aboriginal Culture Of Australia

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By ONE Liners Agency
November 06, 2012

The Australian Aboriginal culture is 50,000 years old. The original aboriginal culture has today blended with Macassan (Indonesian) and European cultures and has formed a unique culture not found anywhere else. To understand this culture, you must understand the ancient aboriginal culture in all its forms.

The Ancient Aboriginal Culture

The first Europeans arrived in the mid 1800s; one of them was shipwrecked and was rescued by the aboriginals. He lived with them for 17 years and wrote the first account of their culture. Ancient Aborigines created fire by rubbing two sticks of wood together. This ancient skill has been lost to time.  They also were excellent hunters and bush survivors.

They knew how to leverage the bounty of the land even in the driest seasons, and stay alive. They made leather objects, wove different kinds of baskets, and made jewelry out of whatever they found in nature. They also worshipped nature and their Ancestral Beings. Aboriginal tribes in different parts of the country have different Ancestral Beings, weapons, different tools, art styles and basket weaving styles. These differences distinguish the various tribes from each other.

How To Experience The Modern-Day Aboriginal Culture In Australia

Experience the Aboriginal culture through their art, dance, music, myths, and the land itself. Study Aboriginal contemporary dance, art, baskets, and weapon styles and so on in the cities. In the outback, join an aboriginal group around the campfire, and listen to Dreamtime myths of creation. Bushwalk, craft spears and catch fish with them, snorkel, learn to make bush-tucker food with aboriginal guides. Learn about the ancient land of Australia through the aboriginal spirituality and wonder.

1. Experience Kimberley The Aboriginal Way

The Kimberly region is one of our last wilderness areas, with ancient gorges and vast horizons. Explore the ancient aboriginal Gwion Gwion paintings, and the Wandjina cave paintings. Observe the Bungle Bungles’ orange and black beehive domes, and learn their legend.

2. Go Kayaking With Aboriginals In Coorong, South Australia

Kayak the waterways and lagoons of the Coorong and become one with the Ngarrindjeri aboriginals. Look for traditional medicines and bush tucker foods with your guide. Listen to stories about the local birdlife, and cook damper bread with your guides in the campfire embers.

3. Visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory

Uluru is a place of enormous spiritual significance for the Anangu Aboriginal people. The Anangu Aboriginal creation myths indicate that their ancestral spirits created Uluru, which they view as Australia's moody, red heart. Walk around the base with Aboriginal guides and listen to their ancient tales. Visit Kata Tjuta and pay homage to the steep and rounded red-colored that cover 3,500 hectares.

4. Discover The Rich Aboriginal History At Wilsons Promontory National Park

Walk with aboriginal guides along the sandy beaches, fern gullies, eucalypt forests and sandy beaches, tracing an 18,000 year old Aboriginal trading route. Watch as the local Bairnsdale Aboriginals make their crafts - spears, shields, canoes, baskets in the traditional method. Listen to the Dreamtime legends of when the Ancestral spirits created the rainforest, gullies and rugged gorges of Woolshed Creek.

5. Watch A Performance By The Bangarra National Dance Company

The Bangarra Dance Company combines the living traditions of ancient aboriginals with contemporary global dance moves. Watch a performance by this group to understand how the aboriginals have evolved over time.

6. Visit the Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is over 135 million years old; pay homage to this ancient home of the Wujal Wujal people. Fish for barramundi aboriginal-style, and learn how to find bush tucker foods. Let aboriginal guides explain the legends behind the fresh-water crocodiles as they sun themselves in the mangrove-lined river banks.

Millie works for Adrenaline, an extreme gift ideas company that specializes in adventure sports and travel. Millie loves to travel and document her travel stories.
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