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Mohammed Morsi formally sworn in as Egypt's first Islamist president



By ONE Liners Agency
July 01, 2012

CAIRO, Egypt - Islamist Mohammed Morsi, son of a peasant farmer, was formally sworn as the first democratically elected president of Egypt on Saturday. The country had 60 years of de facto military rule.

Egypt may attain the longtime goal of becoming an Islamic state if Morsi succeeds. If not, the military will continue for years or decades its stranglehold on the country that is now reluctant in giving up assumed power after the ousting of Hosni Mubarak.

Nobel Peace Laureate Mohammed ElBaradei tweeted, "Now, the time for building has come, to achieve the revolution's goals." He is also top pro-democracy advocate of the country.

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The continuing battle between Egypt's largest political group Brotherhood and military after the ousting of Mubarak last year the country has been suffering from rising crime, declining economy and seemingly endless wave of protests.

During the oath taking ceremony Mr Morsi said, "Egypt will not go backward... In the new Egypt, the president will be an employee, a servant to the people."




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