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Kenya bans export of maids to Gulf countries

By ONE Liners Agency
June 24, 2012

CAIRO, Kenya - Amid repeated abuse and violence over its citizens working as maids in Middle East, the Kenyan government has barred export of labors temporarily.

In an statement by ministry of foreign affairs political and diplomatic secretary Patrick Wamoto the government said it aims to protect its people from abuse. The statement also read that Kenyan domestic workers employed in the Middle East ended up in distress and so the government has suspended the recruitment and export of labors temporarily with immediate effect to the Middle East.

The concerns mentioned in the statement for this action were complaints by its citizens related to mistreatment, overwork, lack of salaries, lack of communication with relatives and denial of food.

The statement note also read, "In some cases, Kenyans are lured by unscrupulous and unregistered agents who promise non-existent and supposedly lucrative jobs to desperate and unsuspecting Kenyans."

Over the years maids from across the world to Middle East often complained of horrible treatment in the region and especially in Saudi Arabia. The complaints included sexual abuse and rape.


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