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Biden Sees Recovery In Japan, Meets Tsunami Survivors

By STAFF Writer
August 24, 2011

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. met the survivors of tsunami in Japan in his three day East Asia visit on Tuesday speaking of a rapid disaster recovery taking place in the country.

He was speaking to the reporters at the airport in Sendai, the close by city of the northeast disaster in Japan on March 11 this year as an aftermath of earthquake and tsunami.

Japan is the "anchor" of United States' interest in Asia, said Biden describing the country. In his visit he also met Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

Kan is expected to resign next week by Tuesday. It is learned that Kan apologized for the political situation in Japan. Votes for the next leader, seventh prime minister of Japan in five years, will take place on Monday by the ruling Democratic Party.

Kan was supposed to be traveling to Washington, as per the schedule, next month, but it has been cancelled as his grip on his post unraveled.


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