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Darkest Night Of My Life: Baba Ramdev, After Midnight Detention

By STAFF Writer
SUNDAY, May 05, 2011

INDIA NEWS - The yoga guru of modern India, Swami Ramdev Baba, was detained in New Delhi for security reasons. The saint who went into a hunger strike for ending the widespread corruption in India, was forced to move out of the venue of his protest meeting Sunday in the Indian capital.

Ramdev was detained for security reasons but was later released, said the New Delhi Police spokesman Rajan Bhagat. Baba Ramdev then flew to his spiritual headquarters in Dehradunm Northern India.

The spiritual guru, along with tens of thousands of his followers, went on a hunger strike across India and several other cities and towns in Europe and America to bring an end to the corruption in India.

The police clash came after a agreement had been reached on the issue of corruption by both the Goverment and the Sadhu. The spokesman for the New Delhi Police said they had given permisson to Ramdev to hold a peaceful meeting with only 5000 followers. However, defying the police, 40,000 people came for the meeting. The police could not provide protection for the 40,000 people gathered at the venue in Ramlila ground.

The police forces used tear gas and canes to disperse off the crowd after sealing off the venue. More than forty bpeople were injured on the clash according to the press sources. However the police sources denied any knowledge of people getting injured.

As the police went to the dias to take away the yoga guru, he jumped among his followers but the police officials soon overpowered him.

The UPA Goverment, led by Manmohan Singh, has been severly criticised for these actions.


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