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Chilean Volcano Ash Cloud Thinned, Airlines Take Flight In Australia

By STAFF Writer
WEDNESDAY, June 22, 2011

Flights have started resuming in Australia after several days of air transport chaos due to Chilean Cordon Caulle volcano's ash that shut some busiest and largest airports of the country. The ash cloud from the Chilean volcano thinned on Wednesday.

Thousands of travelers in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne were stranded on Tuesday afternoon after Qantas cancelled all the domestic flights in these airports.

Virgin airlines has also cancelled all in and out flights of Melbourne and Sydney until further notice. Virgin Australia spokeswoman Danielle Keighery said the ash plume of Chilean volcano is at very low level and the company is not comfortable flying.

This is the second time after last week the Chilean volcano ash cloud is circling Earth. Last time it delayed about 700 flights across New Zealand and Australia.

Extra bus and taxi services are put in the country to help passengers reach destinations.

According to bureau of meteorology's volcanic ash advisory centre, the ash plume of Chile volcano has traveled over 2,500 miles in just 24 hours.

The volcanic eruption started on June 4 following which flights in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil were grounded.

Fourteen months before, air traffic chaos took place across Europe when volcano of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull erupted.

Chilean Volcano Ash Cloud Photo Gallery

Horse Day Out - A horse walks on ash covered field

White Coat - A man reading newspaper in the mountain resort of San Martin de Los Andes in Argentina's Patagonia 

Dusty Clean - A girl wipes off ash settled on a car in Argentina Ski Towns

Stranded Break - A family eating and gazing at a grounded Qantas airport

Plane vs Car - Taxis helped people reach destinations in Australia

Chilean Volcano Ash Cloud Video Gallery



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