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Sony Network Split Wide Open To Hackers

By STAFF Writer

Sony Play station Hacked
The ease by which the hackers have been targeting the Sony networks shows the company needs to buck up big time to secure the company networks. Sony has been working along with three other security companies to secure its networks and websites since mid-April and to restore data that was compromised by two breaches, a site which has more than 100 million members of Sony's Playstation Network and the Online Entertainment Network of the Sony.

About ten days ago, it was announced that Sony had fixed all its problems with the PSN network and the SOE network and had restored services partially. Since then three separate and minor attacks were reported against the Sony systems. The ease with which the hackers are pulling off the security arrangements in the recent attacks are really alarming. It means that the Sony corporation needs to pay even more attention to the security of its websites.

Chester Wisiniewski, the senior security advisor of the security firm said,"The original attacks [on the PlayStation Network and Online Entertainment networks] were probably quite targeted and quite skilled". He also said that now it seemed that each and every hacker out there has jumped into the bandwagon of attacking the Sony websites.

It is being told that the company's hard-line stance in Intellectual Property and copyright protection has earned it many enemies in the hacker community. And it also seems the company forgot to pay any attention to its massive presence on the internet.


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