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Amnesty International Reveals Increasing North Korean Political Prisons

By BOB Goswami
May 04, 2011

NORTH KOREA NEWS - In a recent document released by Amnesty International revealed satellite images of North Korea's political prison camps, expressing concern over the growing in numbers and pathetic conditions in the camps.

In the report the rights group has shed light on the horrible conditions in the camps, detailing the accounts of torture, starvation and mass executions of political inmates.

Amnesty International urged North Korea to close all the camps. Moreover, it also expressed the secretive state to confess about the existence of the clandestine prison camps.

Earlier, North Korea was blamed for mass political prison camps but the N. Korean government denied the allegations. The recent report once again put a strong question mark of the government remarks, though Pyongan still to comment on the reports.

The images shows four of the six camps located in a vast wilderness in the provinces of South Pyongan, South Hamkyung and North Hamkyung.

The comparative analysis of 2001 images and recent findings shows a significant increase in number of camps in the area.

Amnesty's Asia Pacific director Sam Zarifi said that the sites are placed away from the human eyes. He expressed his concern over the political instability in N.Korea, which seemed to be moving towards a new leadership. The growing prison camps are not the biggest worry for International rights groups.

Amnesty recorded the testimony of 15 former inmates and some prison guards and other eyewitnesses. One former prisoner at one camp at Yodok recalled how they were forced to work like slaves and tortured and treated like animals. Whenever anyone tried to escape, they were caught and interrogated for two or three months and then executed mercilessly.

Amnesty in its report also highlighted the inhuman food for prisoners where people survived by eating rats or picking corn kernels out animal waste.


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