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Hurricane Sandy - Five Days Later

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By ONE Liners Agency
November 05, 2012

Its been five days since the “Frakenstorm” Sandy made first contact with land on Monday. The east coast of America lay severely battered in the wake of the “once in a century” superstorm, with major cities facing far more disastrous situations.

New York, the financial capital of the country was one of the most severely affected areas in the storm that has put the country in a serious situation ahead of the Presidential Elections. New York, New Jersey and Manhattan – the most economically important cities in the east coast (and perhaps the entire US) were among the most affected areas in the storm.

The already declining economy of the country is going to face far more adverse conditions on account of the storm. Hurricane Sandy’s rough damage estimates at 50 Billion USD, making it one of the most devastating disasters in the history of the country. The New York Stock Exchange remained closed for 2 days for the first time since 9/11, during the storm. Although electronic trading hadn’t been cancelled, the closing of the trading floor of the world’s largest stock market in terms of volume traded, is going to hit a raw nerve in the economy of the country.

Not only did Sandy take a toll on the economy of the United States and perhaps the entire world, it had also hit the internet hard. Data centers located in the cities lying in the affected area had hit the internet severely too. Many prominent websites and other internet services in the US and around the world had went down during the storm.

Apart from its effects in the economy of the country, Sandy will also have severe implications for the country’s politics. The storm which has devastated almost all of east coast, had also blown favor in President Obama’s direction. Pres. Obama had taken environmental damage very seriously, and that is bound to bring in crowds in his direction. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has already endorsed President Obama.
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