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Japan's village goes solar ditching nuclear electricity



By ONE Liners Agency
July 20, 2012

A small village in Japan, named Sanno, has ditched conventional electricity and has gone solar. The village with a population of 42 has set up 216 solar panels to provide electricity to eleven households.

Sanno is some fifty miles from the Oi electricity plant. After the disaster at Fukushima nuclear plant last year the country takes this step to inspire other region to follow suit.

Rural Japan is continuously suffering from depopulation and most of the people in the Sanno village is senior citizen. Costs for maintaining shared facilities have also risen and this has resulted in squeezing money out of the resources of people had there.

The 216 solar panels are set up with special fund by the government.

Sanyo Engineering & Construction was hired to set up the panels for generating power, which is along a river and the annual power production is expected to be 40,000kWh.

The electricity generated by this solar set up will be purchased by Kansai Electric Power to offer in return some extra income to the village.

It is also learned the costs for shared facilities like that of a town hall may be zero in 2013.



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