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SMRT Train Operator Fined For Bishan MRT Security Breach

By STAFF Reporter
October 18, 2011

SINGAPORE NEWS - Train operator SMRT has been fined by Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) an amount of $200,000 for a security breach at the Bishan MRT depot in August that resulted in vandalised train.

On August 17 the incident took place when spray-painted graffiti was found on a northbound MRT train with words 'Jet Setter' in blue on one side of the train.

In the investigations of LTA it was found that SMRT had 'failed to exercise the due diligence and vigilance expected of a public transport operator.'

The LTA said the train operator did not inspect regularly its operating facilities. It added that due to its negligence it failed to guard against unauthorised intrusions. Moreover, it failed to detect it in a timely manner.

It added that under the Rapid Transit System (RTS) Licence & Operating Agreement (LOA) SMRT had breached the obligations.

A similar security lapse was seen in May 2010 in an incident at Changi depot. SMRT was fined $50,000 for this.

Even after the Changi depot incident SMRT has failed to implement the security measures perfectly that is recommended by the Public Transport Security Committee.

Henceforth the LTA will be tracking SMRT's performance closely so that it adheres to the security standards.

The fine collected from SMRT will be donated to the Public Transport Fund which will be a help to the needy families with transport fees.

Inside SMRT operated train

SMRT 2010 Vandalised Train

SMRT 2011 Vandalised Train


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