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Facebook Turns More Awesome, Amazing And Frictionless

By STAFF Writer
September 23, 2011

TECHNOLOGY NEWS - Facebook opens up a new chapter. The biggest social network of web unleashed a torrent of updates. Yesterday at F8 developers conference, the new look of it was unveiled. It was "amazing", "awesome" and "frictionless".

Founder Mark Zuckerberg said in the annual conference of Facebook in San Francisco, "Millions of people curate stories of their lives on Facebook every day and have no way to share them once they fall off your profile page...we have been working on ‘timeline’ all year…it’s the story of your life and completely new way to express yourself."

He was talking about the redesigned profile pages of Facebook users and the launch of 'Timeline' - a new way of telling story of your life on a single page.

Zuckerberg further said about newly introduced Timeline feature: "It has three pieces: all your stories, your apps and a new way to express who you are"

Using his own profile as a demonstration of Timeline, he said he wanted Facebook users to be able to share their entire lives on the platform and also have full control about how the content is to appear online. He showed his photos as a baby in the new profile page that is organized by years.

The F8 conference was live streamed to thousands of people across the world.

Zuckerberg also announced few partnerships with companies like Spotify, Zynga, The Washington Post and Netflix for games, music and media stuff. These series of partnerships will allow users to watch movies, listen songs and read news content on Facebook via apps.

The changes have again upped the advantage of Facebook over Google in the social space. Privacy concerns are still there after so much of revamp at once.

Till date Facebook has more than 750 million members that attract 500 million users in one day, breaking web record for a non search engine site.

Earlier this year Google launched its new social network named Google+ to rival Facebook. The platform has more than 25 million members, and its neat design and privacy settings have been praised.

Photo Gallery

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's 2011 f8 Developers Conference 

Over 1000 developers attending Facebook’s F8 Conference

Killers, Snoop Dogg, Jane's Addiction Rock Sean Parker's f8 Conference/Party


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