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Vintage Newspapers: Asia Pacific News From Archives In August

By ONE Liners Agency
August 02, 2011

Today we start one more unique and exclusive category to give you tastes from the past. We have revisited several newspapers from the past that covered news of Asia Pacific regions. Below are just few of the chosen news which were published in the month of August. To read the newspaper cuttings just click on the image to enlarge it.

The Miami News - August 09, 1965 (Click on image to view full size)

Singapore - This island state pulled out of the 23-month-old Federation of Malaysia today and immediately became embroiled with Federal Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman over relations with Indonesia.

Premier Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore told a news conference Singapore wants to be friends with Indonesia, which has sworn to crush Malaysia. Singapore once carried on a flourishing trade with Indonesia and obviously wants to regain it...

The Day - August 16, 1947 (Click on image to view full size)

Washington - The United States today gave Indonesian Republican leaders a last chance to accept this nation's offer to mediate in the strife between Indonesia and The Netherlands.

The state department made public a note setting forth this country's stand which it said has been presented to Vice Premier A. K. Ganl by Walter A. Foote, American consul general at Batavia.

The note said that the Dutch already have indicated willingness to arrange direct negotiation for a settlement as proposed by the United States...

The Edmonton Journal - August 04, 1953 (Click on image to view full size)

With the signing of the Korean armistice, the question of recognizing Communist China, and admitting it to the United Nations, is coming to the fore. As long as the Korean War lasted, the issue could be quite properly dismissed with the declaration that "No country can shoot its way into the UN." But now the fighting has stopped, a political conference is approaching, and one of the Communist claims is certain to be recognition of Mao Tse-tung and his administration as the "legal" government of China, and the seating of its representatives in the Security Council.

The democratic nations are still sharply divided on this matter. One group, headed by Britain and India, both of which have extended diplomatic recognition to the Pelping regime, feels that the time has come for everyone to do likewise, as a matter of realistic diplomacy. The United States, however, is still apparently firmly opposed to any such move. Secretary of State Dulles has stated that he would not agree to Red China's admission to the UN, even in exchange for the unification of Korea...

Evening Independent - August 18, 1967 (Click on image to view full size)

Saigon - The U.S. Command announced today a near record number of air strikes on North Vietnam, B52 raids just above the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam, and bombing and and naval shellings inside the zone.

The Communists derailed a train just outside Saigon and terrorist snipers attacked in the South Vietnamese capital.

Although ground fighting in the South remained scattered there were many sharp but limited skirmishes with at least 181 Communists killed in reported actions, the command said...

Indian Express - August 14, 1943 (Click on image to view full size)

Washington, Aug. 12 - President Roosevelt today gave the people of the Philippines his word that their republic would be established "the moment the power of our Japanese enemies is destroyed," in a broadcast on the Philipilnes national holiday.

Repeating his "solemn pledge" that their freedom would be redeemed and their independence established and protected, President Roosevelt called upon the Filippino people to stand firm in their faith and promised that the day of their liberation would come "as surely as there is a God in heaven"...

The Sydney Morning Herald - August 15, 1947 (Click on image to view full size)

The two new British Dominions of India and Pakistan come into being at mid-night to-night.

In Karachi, capital of Pakistan, the Moslem Dominion, the retiring Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, paid tribute to those Indian leaders who had helped arrive at a peaceful solution for a transfer of power. He read to the Pakistan Constituent Assembly a message of greetings and good wishes from the King. To-morrow, Lord Mountbatten becomes Governor General of India...

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Do you have old editions of New York Times. Love to see some extracts from the newspaper. Thanks.

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