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Maria Sharapova Dream Crashes, Petra Kvitova Clinches Wimbledon Glory

By STAFF Writer
Petra Kvitova with her Wimbledon title
July 02, 2011

SPORTS NEWS – Czech new tennis star Petra Kvitova has smashed the golden dream of Russian leggy Sharapova to win second time at Wimbledon, as the eighth seed southpaw wins her maiden Grand Slam at Wimbledon.

The fine shot making ability and cool head Czech star to outplayed former champion Maria Sharapova in a 6-3 6-4 easy victor on Centre Court. She is the first Czech since Jana Novotna in 1998 to Win in Wimbledon. Coincidentally, Novotna and Czech legendary Martina Navratilova were in the Royal Box to watch their country mate.

"I'm standing here with the trophy and I see some great players in the Royal Box. It's very nice that Martina Navratilova and Jana Novotna are watching me and have supported me.

The deadly two double faults in a row from Sharapova was the turning point of the match that put the winning ball in the court of Kvitova, though the Russian saved a set point with an ace but still lost the set.

This match was groundbreaking in terms of Kvitova’s concentration as in previous matches she used to lose after a strong start. However, the final saw a different player altogether, as she was totally composed with breathtaking forehand shots down the line.

Sharapova on the other hand seemed more pressurized and desperate to win the title, lost focus more often. Although she fought well to level at 2-2 with a fine backhand lob, but the 24-year-old Russian simply couldn’t hold her own service games.

Sharapova with a dejecting look said she had a strong support over so many years and wanted the big one. She hoped she would come back for the title next year and get it.


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