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Linguistic Study – A Viable Career Option

"Linguistics now offer a soft landing into what I might call the lobby of the computer programming hotel. A basic training in linguistics helps you pick up programming skills faster."

By STAFF Writer

What do you come out with?

You can come out with a BA in Linguistics. You can go on to do your masters in linguistics, MPhil and research too.

Why Do it?

How did languages being and what were the very earliest languages like? How have languages changed over time? How is language related to our mind? If any of these sounds interesting to you, you should take up linguistics.

What is about?

Linguistics is the study of how language works. Linguistics study such topics as how children learn language; how language change; why people speak differently in different places, social groups and situations; and how language is involved in race, class and sex prejudice. Applied linguistics, in particular, study how to teach languages, such as English, to others, as well as how to use linguistic principles in other applied areas, such as dictionaries and teaching materials.

How long is the degree?

Three years for a bachelors course and two years for a masters course.

How is it packaged?

Linguistics comprises different areas of specialization: phonetics (study of speech sounds), phonology (study of sound systems), morphology (study of internal structure of words), syntax (study of how words are combined into sentences), semantics (study of meaning), pragmatics (study of meaning in relation to the way a language is used), socio-linguistics, historical linguistics, acquisition, text analysis, applied linguistics, anthropological linguistics, neuro-linguistics, ethno-linguisitics and psycholinguistics.

How cool is it?

Pretty cool! “Unlike the vague prospects that lay ahead in my time, there is now a multitude of job opportunities, “ says Probal Dasgupta, professor of applied linguistics at University of Hyderabad, “Linguistics now offer a soft landing into what I might call the lobby of the computer programming hotel. A basic training in linguistics helps you pick up programming skills faster.”

What are the students like?

They can cope with the diversity in languages and have strong analytical skills. There often computer savvy.

What do you need?

You can pursue bachelors program in linguistics from any subject stream. You can also do your bachelors in English or any language and for a masters in linguistics.

What grade?

You should have a pass in class XII

Will you be interviewed?

Usually not.

What next?

Right from becoming computer programmers (especially in the field of artificial intelligence), to language and speech technologists, public relations officers, journalists, jobs in advertising, publishing and media, as teachers of English, developers of teaching materials in several subjects. NGO activists, and off course as linguists in or outside the teaching profession, linguists are considered efficient as speech therapists.

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