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Google ITA Adds Flight Schedules To Search Pages

Google Captures ITA
By ONE Liners Agency
May 29, 2011

Google recently added yet another feature to its already vast and heavily featured search engine. If, today you decide to go on a tour and sit on your computer to search the best airlines and cheapest airfares to your destination (that is of course if you are traveling by plane) then Google has some good news for you!

You don’t have to spend much time in looking these up for these details, because the search engine put all these details on its search engine home page.

The search engine giant now presents you with a display of the travel times and flight schedules for non-stop flights on the search results page itself. Therefore it is less time consuming and fewer headaches for you. And less money and more headaches for the other travel sites.

As Tech Crunch discusses the acquisition of the ITA software by Google, and its plans for extending flight schedules and air flight booking search as the ITA software provides airfare search capabilities to Google beyond many travel agency and airline websites and also it has outrun the

However according to the Tech Crunch article the Google hasn't "yet" started using the ITA software, but according to the article this may be the beginning of an extensive planning and purchasing function based product using the ITA software.


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