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Left Is No More Right

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Trinamool Congress party supporters celebrate
India wrapped up its biggest political capsize as the popular firebrand lady of Bengal clean swept the three decade old Communist government. Mamata Banerjee, leader of the Trinamool Congress Party struggled for 34 years to oust Left, winning more than 60 percent of the seats allied with the Congress party. She is a cabinet minister but certain to take the must obsessed post of chief minister.

The day result was declared, the capital Kolkata almost dressed in green clothes, triumphant supporters danced in front of Ms. Banerjee’s modest home. Trinamool chief in her emblematic attire – a simple handspun white cotton sari and plastic sandals stood in front of her house, smiling towards jubilant crowd. Didi or big sister as she referred to, declaring by a woman supporter that her party ultimately subjugated the Communists and started the “new day of independence” for the people of West Bengal.

The ejection of Left is a shameful end of an ideological political dynasty and rise of a fresh force that promised tons of things. Nonetheless, Ms. Banerjee who was always hold responsible for a party of goons, is now come with more sophisticated team, consisting of civil servants and more intellectuals. It’s believed that they will get the important ministries in the state and a few will go to her all time old minions. The win would also prove to be a factor in New Delhi as it might be a step for long lost Congress to step in Bengal.

Sitaram Yechury, a member of the Communist Party’s politburo said they accepted people’s verdict as people wanted change.

In Kolkata, which is distinctively named as the cultural capital of India, Ms. Banerjee was perceived as a madcap among elite or intellectual society. Famous for her wearing unkempt flip-flops, involving in street brawls, publicly humiliating ministers, and a few unparliamentarily gestures, her two year tenure as a railway minister also witnessed many ups and downs. She renamed railway stations to gain political mileage, skipped most of the cabinet ministry meetings, and banned red color at events as a token gesture of her hatred for the Communist government. However, She is also the poorest Member of Parliament because she’s seen as incorruptible, even by her fiercest enemy, and that’s a rarity in Indian politics.

The most literate state in India, Kerala also witnessed topple of power in this election. The ruling Left Democratic Front was narrowly defeated by Congress-led opposition.

Surprisingly the beleaguered Congress Party who suffered from tarnished image after series of corruption charges had a mixed performance. It again come to the power in Northeastern Assam but suffered a mighty lose in Tamil Nadu, where Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party, or D.M.K. a key ally battered by the biggest corruption scandal in Indian history, bluntly shown the exit door.

Undoubtedly, the biggest bombshell of this election is the end of the supremacy of party, which proudly proclaimed itself as a cohort of Karl Marx and Josef Stalin and put their portraits on office walls, and called each other “comrade”.

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